Our expertise, a combination of tradition and modernit

Great cheese starts here…

A wide diversity of flora lends our cheeses their rich, subtle aromas

Our history

It all began in 1998, somewhere downstream in the Tarn, where a breeder and cheese maker was producing his own cheeses from organic ewe’s milk.
The company grew over the years, while staying true to its primary objectives:

  • to contribute to the development of organic agriculture and production;
  • to promote local know-how and skills.
In 2009, in a quest to diversify the range to meet consumer demand, a new cheese dairy was built in Massegros, a small Lozère village, on the edge of the Grands Causses Regional Park and the UNESCO World Heritage Cevennes National Park.

The company developed by combining tradition and modernity.

Since 2012, Lou Passou Bio has further expanded the range with goat and cow milk products.

  • Milkfrom local organic producers
  • Mouldingmanual to guarantee quality
  • Saltingin salt baths for salting homogeneity
  • Maturingto enhance the characteristics of the rind and body

Our cheeses

Made with ewe’s, goat’s or cow’s milk, soft or hard, our cheeses are sure to delight your taste buds thanks to their delightful taste and unique character.